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Brandon at Hollywood Thai 
"I enjoy drinking with just the company of a bottle of wine, however occasionally I want to get spiffy and be seen with a drink in hand. I may or may not have issues."


David at Barbarella Bar 
“Nothing is better than sitting and drinking an icy cold martini, for a few sips, I feel just like 007.“


Luci at Big Wangs 
"I go to bars because it's a safe place to meet the idiots from those dating apps: Ok Stupid, Plethora of Freaks, Tindhole or Bumbler."


Smig at Casual Public 
"I like the unexpected, you never who you will meet. And you may end up having an engaging conversation. Dark and quiet places are my favorite retreats, to sit, have drink and think about what the future holds for me."


Alejandro at Bar Covell
"I've always been more of a bohemian. I like to share the good stories that come out of people after a good brew or a glass of wine. Most people get to open up and cheer."


Dan at The Black Cat
"I worked at bars for 13 years and I feel right at home."


Lucille and Bella at Pour Haus
"Bars are where we first started to fall in love. We're both musicians and met at a bar in Tucson at Bella's first show. We both had boyfriends at the time and for months we'd make eyes at each other from across the room, sidle up to each other in the front row at shows, or run into each other in the bathrooms at our favorite bars." 

lucille and bella

Steve at Snake Pit Ale House 
“Going out for a drink is a great way to relax, catch up with friends and laugh a bad day’s ickiness away.”

Cynthia at Tom’s Urban
“I believe in hydration after a long run.” 

Marqus at Bar Bandini 
"I literally force myself to write in public places. I can't stare at a blank page at home - it's too isolating. I need noise, and life, and people passing by. So next time you're at a bar and you see some idiot laughing to himself, or scribbling on a napkin - you'll know I'm at the office." 


Julian at The Semi-Tropic 
"Whether I'm meeting someone for the first time, grabbing a bite with a friend, or simply sitting by the bar people watching while doing some character analysis work, a bar is a magical place where life happens and moves constantly." 


Unique at The Study
"I love going to different bars...I meet cool people and hear interesting stories."


Matt at Frank ’N Hanks 
"It gives me great relief knowing that behind a random door, there lies a place, hopefully, dark and reasonably quiet where I can sit and within moments wash away all my concerns. And eat Funyuns." 


Pat at Snake Pit Ale House 
“There are so many great bars in LA - gay, straight and in between. It’s so much fun to meet up with friends, try new beers, catch up and share belly laughs.” 


Joanna at Bigfoot Lodge
I love #colesfrenchdip #cliftonsla Edison, #idlehour - lot's of energy and fun things to look at! Like the canoe and those animated beat up animals at Bigfoot! Halloween decor at Morrisons. Even #thirstycrowbar had a neat ol' vibe. I love #1933group . Need to try #lacuevitabar.

Jibby at Los Balcones 
"The bottles on the shelves are like tiny time capsules to me. They bring back memories of where I was at different points in my life and help me to appreciate how much I’ve grown."


Kamilla at Rockwell
"The music, the drinks, the boys, friends and a GOOD time!! Life is to short to not have a little fun from time to time so when I go to a bar you better believe I'm there to have F-U-N (and maybe the occasional drunk make out session...just being honest)"


Jennifer and Luca at Eat Drink Americano
"When it's 80+ degrees in Los Angeles all that sounds good is a nice cold drink in a cold dark bar."

jennifer and luca

Daniel at Spitz 
"A bar, to me, is a good place to catch up with friends while listening to tunes. I love to dance, so I'm the friend who will grab a drink and move around to the music while we talk. I also have a lot of trouble sleeping at night and I'm not much of a homebody so it's nice to come out and meet new people late at night.”


Alison at Rockwell
"I know it sounds kinda crazy, considering that in essence, they're just rooms full of booze with sticky floors, but there's something magical about my favorite bars. I just feel more alive there -- like everything is bigger, bolder, and more exciting than in ordinary life. I love feeling like the night will never end, and that we'll all be young and happy forever, and that adventure is just around the corner."


Allie at Sawyer 
"I come out to be in the sea of strangers and possibility. There's something oddly comforting and rejuvenating in being a nobody, or an anybody for that matter. I don't want to talk to anyone, I'm not looking for a social experience per se, I just feel most like me when no one knows my name." 

Allana at St. Felix
“Having a drink feeds into my disillusionment that I might actually stop working for a moment, relax and unwind.“ 


Harwood at Mi Corazón
“As a result of four or five auditions and three callbacks, with no response."


Stefanie at Resident
 "I work from home so a reason to shower and get out of my pajamas is nice." 


Meggan at L&E Oyster Bar 
"Going to the bar suggests that I live in a world where there are neither time nor financial constraints. If I'm going to play pretend like that, I do it all the way. Sitting here with a drink is the ultimate in leisure, no matter how in denial I may be." 


Audrey at the Public House
“Trump stuff — don't get me started!”

Beatriz at The Holloway
"I am not the kind of person to go anywhere in public by myself, I have only eaten in a restaurant once by myself and that was at the airport. It hasn't happened yet, but a bar is the most comfortable place for me to be in public but alone. So, right now, what brings me to a bar is my social life (friends, boyfriend). Baby steps, but I wish one day I could be in the moment and enjoy being in a bar alone."

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